The List

Well this really is the main reason for this site isn’t it. The items are in no particular order, and I am including ones that were completed at the time of this site’s creation

  1. Learn to drive stick
  2. Race in the Baja 1000
  3. Frame up rebuild on a vehicle
  4. Rebuild an Engine
  5. Rebuild a Transmission
  6. Learn to weld
  7. Skydive (solo)
  8. Learn to scuba dive
  9. Cave dive
  10. Ice Dive
  11. Become an expert in my field
  12. Hunt in Montana
  13. Build an expedition rig and drive across a continent
  14. Dive the great barrier reef
  15. Go to Australia
  16. Learn a foreign language
  17. Ice Climb
  18. Race in an AutoCross event
  19. Rebuild an old boat
  20. Learn to fly
  21. Own a home machine shop (Lathe, Mill, etc)
  22. Go to Europe
  23. Enter a demolition Derby
  24. Rebuild a motorcycle
  25. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  26. Ride a motorcycle across the US
  27. Drive a Ferrari
  28. Drive a Lambo
  29. Build something with a jet engine