About Me, The List and This Blog

Who am I?

Really good question. Not quite sure I know exactly, but here is the my best shot. My name is Rick. I currently live in Jasper, GA and work in Smyrna, GA as a Network Engineer for an IT support company. I am the token redneck of my company.

If given two sentences to describe myself the would be: A white collar worker with blue collar hobbies. And. The smartest idiot I’ve ever met.

I graduated with a BS in Information Technology with minors in Manufacturing and Drinking. I spent more time training, volunteering and running calls with the local fire department than I did in class and studying.

I am a very curious and self motivated soul. This is one of the many reasons I have some disappointment with modern education, left alone I will learn more in a given time. However it is this personality trait (or flaw) that has led me to create the entire purpose behind this blog. The List

So what is The List?

The list is quite simply a list of things that I either will complete in my life or die in the pursuit of. This is not a list of dreams, I can and will accomplish everything on here. Some of them are not even that rare, complicated or hard. Others will probably (a few already have) take several years of my life to complete. The list is an every changing document. Items get added all the time. I honestly couldn’t even remember all the items on the list at once. However it is very hard for an item to get removed from the list. Once it is on there it needs to be crossed off.

So what is this blog about?

This blog is about my journey to complete all these items. Along the way I will probably interject some randoms ideas, beliefs and some other possible useful information.