Jeep Engine cleaned and ready to rebuild

Well, the rest of the engine has been cleaned, and it is ready to rebuild. Still need to pick up some parts, I am trying to get down to Summit Racing this week. If you are a car guy, gal or other in GA and have never been there, you need to. How many places have an isle devoted to engine blocks?

For sure I need main and rod bearings, rings, assembly lube, and 1 piston (really hoping I have a spare). If I get randy I may just pick up a cam.

Also a tip for working on engines, transmissions, transfer cases etc. Keep it clean and organized. Someone may need to find a defib for my mother after I just said that, but it’s true. I found some tray by Jaz that are great for not screwing up valvetrain parts, and having lots of table space is nice.

The container of bolts with the green liquid is a magic solution called Evaporust. Soak stuff in it and rust just disappears. No damage to the part. You can get it at Northern Tool, Harbor Freight and other places. It is pricy but worth it.

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