Engine Tear down and a new specialized tool

The jeep engine has now been torn down. Overall pretty good, pics to come tomorrow. Tim helped out alot. Bearings look good, only major issue is a chipped skirt on 1 piston. Explains the metal piece I found in the crankcase.Tomorrow I will pull the freeze plugs and get down and dirty with the pressure washer and some Purple Power. Trip to Summit Racing is in order next week to pick up the parts I need.

Also I picked up a tool that before a couple weeks ago I never knew existed. A ridge reamer. It is a manual carbide tool that cuts the ridge at the top of the cylinder down so it matches the diameter of the rest of the cylinder. I really like these kind of tools that do one thing, but do it really well. Also, looking on Amazon they run about $60-70. AutoZone has them in their rental program for $35, which you get back if you return it. I may keep mine though, it did a really great job.

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