Aug 23 2010

Jeep Engine cleaned and ready to rebuild

Well, the rest of the engine has been cleaned, and it is ready to rebuild. Still need to pick up some parts, I am trying to get down to Summit Racing this week. If you are a car guy, gal or other in GA and have never been there, you need to. How many places have an isle devoted to engine blocks?

For sure I need main and rod bearings, rings, assembly lube, and 1 piston (really hoping I have a spare). If I get randy I may just pick up a cam.

Also a tip for working on engines, transmissions, transfer cases etc. Keep it clean and organized. Someone may need to find a defib for my mother after I just said that, but it’s true. I found some tray by Jaz that are great for not screwing up valvetrain parts, and having lots of table space is nice.

The container of bolts with the green liquid is a magic solution called Evaporust. Soak stuff in it and rust just disappears. No damage to the part. You can get it at Northern Tool, Harbor Freight and other places. It is pricy but worth it.

Aug 23 2010

Dumb SQL 2k Tricks

2 posts tonight, one is far to geeky to mix with the other.

How many of you have an old SQL 2000 app running somewhere at your company or a client. It can be an old custom app, a piece of unsupported software, or any number of other things. Often you can allivate the main issue with these systems, hardware failure, with virtualization. If you are not familiar with P2V processes I would recommend doing the P2V with the SQL services stopped, or better yet do a cold clone.

However I can across another issue that can happen in today’s computer world. A client of ours had an old SQL 2k database on a Windows 2k server (YAY for VNC!). This was a very sizeable database, around 200 custom scripts, numerous tables, etc. It was also still business critical. It had stopped sending mail, a key function to inform users of inventory counts. A coworker who is gifted with computers but with limited SQL experience asked me to take a look at it. He had been working on tracking down the expression that sent the mail, I was convinced that without the data loss there was nothing to indicate that.

A short bit of troubleshooting and I remembered that SQL 2000 had no smtp or other mail connectors built in. It used an Outlook profile to send mail, a pain that was done away with in later versions. The company in question had recently moved to AppRiver’s hosted exchange solution. Their old mail server was turned off, poof no more SMTP server for it to send to.

The quick fix? Log into the server with the SQL service account and change the Outlook profile to point to a new server. In this case it was a Friday after 5 pm, so that ended up being a spare hosting server of mine.

Admins have long learned not to change service accounts without expecting something to break. Also think about the effect of moving to the cloud on old services.

Aug 22 2010

Engine cleaning complete and a redneck, lowbuck parts washer

The engine is now squeaky clean. 3000 PSI pressure washer, Purple Power and a turbo nozzle do wonders on grease, mud and anything else that doesn’t belong. Also found that I have a piston that not only has a chunk out of the skirt, but also a section of the ring separator that broke off. There were also 4 broken compression rings. Good thing I tore it down.

Now to I need to see if I have a spare piston of the right part number and weight. I really don’t want to buy new pistons, unless I decided to make this an all out build.

Now I don’t have a parts washer. The one we had in Statesboro stayed with Ditch, he had bought it. It was also too small. Well I am going to pick one up in next weekend’s HF sale, but I wanted to get the pistons and such clean now. So I concoted a low dollar, high speed parts washer.


  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 2+ Gallons Purple Power (or white lighting, simple green, etc)
  • 2 Gallons Water
  • Drill (Cordless is easiest and safest)
  • Plastic, Squirrel cage style paint mixer ( ) Available at home depot

Mix the Purple Power and water in the 5 gallon bucket. I would put about 4 gallons in the bucket. More cleaner = more power, but 2/2 is about right. Put the parts in the bucket. I found about 2 piston/rods and 1 main cap in at a time. Let it soak for about 20 minutes and then using the drill on torque setting and use the paint mixer to agitate the solution for about 1-2 minutes. Remove parts, rinse and dry with an air gun. Cleans parts well and quicker than a parts washer.

Note: this will clean oil/grease. To clean carbon build up soak time must be longer. In that case one could use a drill press to keep the fluid moving longer, not real efficient though.

Aug 21 2010

Engine Tear down and a new specialized tool

The jeep engine has now been torn down. Overall pretty good, pics to come tomorrow. Tim helped out alot. Bearings look good, only major issue is a chipped skirt on 1 piston. Explains the metal piece I found in the crankcase.Tomorrow I will pull the freeze plugs and get down and dirty with the pressure washer and some Purple Power. Trip to Summit Racing is in order next week to pick up the parts I need.

Also I picked up a tool that before a couple weeks ago I never knew existed. A ridge reamer. It is a manual carbide tool that cuts the ridge at the top of the cylinder down so it matches the diameter of the rest of the cylinder. I really like these kind of tools that do one thing, but do it really well. Also, looking on Amazon they run about $60-70. AutoZone has them in their rental program for $35, which you get back if you return it. I may keep mine though, it did a really great job.